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Women's shoulders are narrower than men's. The shoulder straps on a man's backpack will most likely be set too wide, no matter what size frame it is. This causes the problem of the straps sliding off the shoulders or chafing on the shoulders and upper arm. A woman's pack will have the shoulder straps set narrower to avoid such a situation.
The list goes on and on and you see every successful woman and girl having a different shade of color in them.Indian women have suffered many tortures for many years since then, the rituals and some nasty people were against women freedom. Till date, while giving birth to a child, it is checked for girl and if it is, the child is killed before taking birth. This is the reason for the low ratio of women to men in India which is 933 women behind every 1000 men. This differs a lot from the average ratio of the world which is 990 women behind 1000 men.

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